ISLAMABAD - Drug addicts are openly violating the state laws in the vicinity of Bari Imam during the five-day festival, as the authorities concerned are not willing to take any action against them.    State laws forbid the smoking of tobacco at public places and the use of drugs is completely ban in the country. But dozens of drug addicts can be seen at Bari Imam while filling their cigarettes with the opium in front of everybody. With the commencement of 'Urs' the honeymoon period for the drug addicts starts and it appears as the laws regarding use of drugs have been suspended for the five days in the premises of Shrine. No one asks these drug addicts who often disguise themselves as 'malangs'. Drugs, taken in forms of 'Bhang' Hashish, Opium, liquor has become a tradition and an essential part of such among the so-called malangs and authorities never took an action against them. These 'malangs', which some people consider scared, along with other drug addicts perform 'dhamals' for hours after smoking opium cigarettes and taking glass of 'Bhang', It is pertinent to mention here that the poisonous smoke of these drugs draw bad affects on the health of the people who came to the Urs. The smell of these drugs cause headache to the faithful who visit the mausoleum especially those who are not addicts. The poisonous smoke sometimes leads to vomiting to the ladies and children.   When the on duty policemen were asked why they did not arrest such people, they said that they were much concerned with the security of the devotees and temporarily they were not paying any attention towards them. They also feared that arresting these addicts could generate public anger. Rehman Ali, a devotee said that he and his family had come there from Gujrat but felt extremely bad on seeing the addicts thronging the area. 'I fear I may not be able to bring my family next year if the authorities did not remove these addicts" he continued. Nauman Azhar, a middle aged devotee, said that these addicts were often involved in crimes especially pocket picking and the religious activities did not matter for them. "They come there as they knew they could collect thousands of rupees from here in shape of alms, enough for them to buy a "purri", he claimed. Bari Imam is a religious festival, where families from the far-flung areas of the country come to celebrate it with zeal and fervor. It is the duty of the authorities to ensure that these miscreants could not violate the law in the name of religion.