MULTAN - Chairman Sindh Tass Water Council and Co-ordinator of World Water Assembly Zahoorul Hassan Dahar revealed on Friday at least 35,000 trained agents of Indian spy agency, RAW, were operating in Pakistan to pursue terrorism. He claimed that such agents were operating in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi, and now they had expanded their network to the district level. India is spending billions of dollars in collaboration with Jewish lobby to construct at least 100 small and large dams out of which 48 are complete while work is underway on another 59, he pointed out. He alleged that India had manoeuvred to get full support of corrupt elements in top establishment of Pakistan. Its amazing that Indians are constructing 100 dams but our establishment is planning to take the case of just one (Kishan Ganga) dam to world court of justice, he maintained. He claimed that an international power had brokered a deal between Pakistani establishment and Indians as a result of which the cases of other dams were not being pursued. He warned that tubewells, hand and other pumps would stop working by 2012 as the sub-soil water level would dip horribly. The recharging system of underground water is dying because of blockade of our rivers and usage of heavy sucking machinery by India, he further disclosed. Mr Dahar warned that Indians were using their agents to disintegrate the existing Pakistan in the manner they did in 1971. He said on the one hand Indians were accomplishing their dam project targets in collaboration with their army while on the other our rulers had closed their eyes to whatever was happening around them. He said that India re-launched the bogey of dialogue to earn time to complete its remaining water projects. He said after Allah Almighty, China was the only power on earth that could prevent Pakistan from complete destruction in the current scenario. He urged the public to rise against rulers criminal silence on water issue and force them to take the matter of all 100 Indian dams to the court.