GUNMEN have attacked two Ahmadi places of worship in Lahore, killing dozens. Saleemul Haq Khan was inside one of the worship places, in the Model Town. He described to the BBC what happened there. They started firing and bombing indiscriminately. Everyone started rushing around in panic. Theres a security gate - that got closed. People were running trying to find a place to hide. I saw one of the attackers as he was entering the sermon hall, then I ran away. He very much reminded me of the people who attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team, he was wearing similar clothes - the shalwar kameez and he looked like someone from a tribal area. I went upstairs and I found a room with a bed, I hid under the bed. I was too scared to leave, even after the firing had stopped. I saw from the window security personnel, rescue people, fire brigade. The bodies had already been taken away. This is a big old building, its 50 years old. I was on my own. I didnt know what was happening. I could hear the firing going on for quite some time. I am not surprised by this attack. We were expecting it for three or four weeks. Thats why we have our own security guards in front of our worship places. They are not professional, they are volunteers. They were the first to have been killed. I blame the fundamentalists. We are peaceful, law-abiding citizens and we get no protection.