LAHORE Leadership of mainstream political and religious parties and human rights organisations have strongly denounced the deadly attacks on the worship places of Ahmedis, terming it an assault on liberty and religious freedom of the people. PPP, PML-Q, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, MQM, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Peoples Labour Bureau and Ittehad Ban-ul-Muslimeen Committee have condemned the incident and expressed solidarity with the bereaved families. PTI Chairman Imran Khan condemned the attack and said police was busy in giving protocol to the leaders and their families, while there was no security for the masses. He said attack on the innocent people were the live examples of the so-called good governance. JI Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan condemned the deadly attacks terming it a conspiracy on Youm-e-Takbeer to trigger civil war in the country and justify continued US interference. He said Islam did not permit attack on minorities worship places. He said the minorities in Pakistan had always been secure and Islam made it state responsibility to protect them. He said since long the JI had been saying that an excuse and justification was being created for military operation in South Punjab. A new term of Punjabi Taliban had been coined and it was made a terror. Therefore, it could not be ruled out that these attacks were a conspiracy to pave way for military operation in South Punjab for which the US had been pressing for quite some time. This was a plot to pit the people and the armed forces against each other in Punjab as well. He urged the masses to forge unity in their ranks to foil this conspiracy. He expressed deep grief over the loss of lives in the attacks and offered his condolences with the bereaved families. Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Zaheer-u-Din said the deadly attack could be halted if the Punjab government showed seriousness towards the security of the people. He said provincial intelligence agencies were busy in political activities instead of keeping eye on law and order situation. He demanded of the Punjab government to support the families of the dead and injured generously. Peoples Party Punjab and Lahore division leaders said terrorists were planning to destabilise the country but their mission would not be succeeded. President PPP Lahore Asghar Gujjar said his party stood with the grieved families and determined to defeat the terrorists. MQM Lahore division leaders strongly condemned the militant attacks on the worship places of Ahmadi community and called upon the government to take adequate measures to protect the minorities. HRCP Chairperson Asma Jahangir said the commission had been warning the Punjab government about the threats being given to the Ahmadi community centre in Model Town, Lahore, for more than a year. An HRCP delegation had held meetings with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to apprise him of the situation and had demanded enhanced security measures to protect the vulnerable minority and its worship places. HRCP is of the view that though the Punjab government apparently took some steps to bolster the security but it was not enough to face the well coordinated and well-planned terrorist attack as was witnessed on Friday. She said HRCP was concerned over the increasing sectarian dimension of the militancy and considered it a big security threat to the entire society.