The lives of our ordinary people are miserable due to rising inflation and poor civic amenities but the Military Lands & Cantonments Group of the Army is spending tax payers precious money on buying luxuries to compliment the lifestyle of bureaucrats of the services. Only recently, latest Toyota Corolla sedans worth Rs.1.4 million each were added to the fleet of Nissan Sunny sedans for grade 18 and 19 officers of the Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment Boards. Add to that millions being spent on renovation of offices of the additional and executive officers. Huge flat-panel television sets, split air-conditioners are a common fare. These petty bureaucrats have also been assigned police security, thus, imperiling lives of the vulnerable general population by taking valuable numbers out of their security duty. Most perplexing of all, monuments and statues costing millions to the exchequer have been installed on the Mall Road for no rhyme or reason. My question to the Boards is that are these bureaucrats civil servants or monarchs? The concerned authorities should immediately withdraw all additional luxury facilities of these bureaucrats and the IG Punjab may kindly instruct to withdraw all police security guards from security duty of these petty officers. -M. ALI, Islamabad, May 28.