LAHORE The Lahore High Court on Friday ordered the Federal Government not to restrain free movement of nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan other than providing an appropriate security to him and that too strictly acting upon a plan earlier agreed between the government and Dr Khan. The court passed the order on Dr AQ Khans plea submitted through his counsel Ali Zafar Syed, stating that despite court orders the liberty of AQ Khan is being restricted under the garb of security plan and he is not allowed to go anywhere. In his order Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry held that Dr AQ Khan is a free citizen and there is no restraining or detention order against his free movement and he may go anywhere in the country with his free will. The court held that under a security plan finalised with the efforts of former Attorney General Mansoor Anwar on 23/3/2010, Dr Khan will inform the authorities concerned about this visits just half an hour or before so that security may be provided to him. And if he wanted to go out of the capital he will inform one day before so that appropriate arrangements be made for his security with a view to saving his life or avoiding any untoward situation, the order said. The judge made it clear that applicant, Dr Khan, is being provided the security, which is necessary not only for the applicant but also for the country. 'Everything regarding the nuclear programme/assets of the country is in the mind of AQ Khan and security is necessary to save him from any mishandling and untoward incident which may cause irreparable loss not only to the country but also to Mr Khan, the judge said. The court ordered the government to implement its order dated 29/03/2010 which allowed free movement to AQ Khan under a security plan agreed between both parties-the government and AQ Khan. The court advised the nuclear scientist also to follow the courts order of March 29 as it was passed with consent of both the parties. Ahmer Bilal Sufi, the counsel for the Federation told the court that the government will implement the courts order dated 29/3/2010 provide security during visits of AQ Khan on his asking and there will be no restrain on his freedom or movement. Ahmer Bilal Sufi said the government is providing security to AQ Khan to save him from the clutches of open and hidden enemies of the country and said that it is also necessary for security of the nuclear assets and security of the country. Sufi said the terms of 'agreed security plan should be followed by Dr Khan as well and he should inform about his visits and ask for security escort in the larger national interests. The judge disposed of the petition directing the government to follow the LHC order dated March 29, 2010 in letter and spirit and act upon the pact, struck between former Attorney General and AQ Khan. The court also advised Attorney General of Pakistan to remain in contact with Dr AQ to avoid any hurdle in his free movement and to remove his complaint if any about any restriction on his movement or freedom.