LAHORE - The City remained in the grip of fear and shock as terrorists hit Baitul Zikr at Model Town and Garhi Shahu on Friday that rendered 80 people dead and over couple of hundred injured, dozens of them seriously. The news of terrorists attacking Ahmadi worship places spread like a jungle fire, causing immediate closure of business centres in Garhi Shahu and Model Town and partial closure of markets in other parts of the City with businessmen rushing to their houses in grief and panic. The atmosphere of Garhi Shahu and Model Town resounded with blasts, firing and ambulances and Police vehicle sirens during the operation while otherwise busy roads presented a deserted look. The residents of the areas confined themselves to the houses, glued with television sets to get latest update relating to the terrorist attacks. The family members of the hostages rushed to the worship places to get information about their near and dear ones. Emotional scenes were witnessed outside worship places with the family members of the hostages, while in tears, refusing the police personnel to go to a safe distance. A really moving scene was witnessed outside Ahmadi worship place in Garhi Shahu when baffled family members of a 13-year-old boy Zafer Ahmed were asking about the safety of the boy. They told the police personnel and the newsmen that other family members were present outside Model Town worship place where the terrorists had made hostage father of Zafer Ahmed. The boy was recovered safe and alive from a room of the worship place after the conclusion of the Police operation. The situation was more gloomy at major healthcare centres in the City where dead bodies and injured were brought from the Ahmadi worship places. Relatives of deceased were seen crying and cursing the terrorists while embracing each other. Worried family members of injured people were seen requesting and forcing the doctors and paramedics for immediate and proper attention for their near and dear ones. Law enforcement agency officials beefed up security in the entire City especially in the close vicinity of sensitive agencies and government offices. They thoroughly checked slightly suspected vehicles at pickets. Even employees and regular visitors of different government offices were allowed entry after proper identification and thorough search of vehicles and their bodies.