LAHORE: PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said anti-Pakistan forces are perpetrating terrorism with an aim to destabilise the country. Strongly condemning the twin terrorist incidents in the core areas of the City, Nawaz Sharif said with the help of the nation they would counter the terrorists with unflinching commitment. He said everyone in Pakistan had complete freedom to live according to ones faith and his party would make it sure that religious sites, life and property of every citizen regardless of the fact which religion or faith he belongs to, are protected at all costs. Nawaz Sharif has also asked the chief minister to trace out the real culprits and perpetrators of the terrorist incidents in Model Town and Ghari Shahu. He also sounded satisfied that after killing of one, the other terrorist had been apprehended on the spot which would provide a sold lead to find facts and reach to the bottom of the matter. Nawaz Sharif also expressed sympathies with the bereaved families on the loss of their dear and near ones and prayed for early recovery of the injured ones.