ISLAMABAD One of the counsels for the federation in 18th Amendment case, Friday, submitted before the Supreme Court that since the Parliament represented will of the entire population, the amendments incorporated through it in the Constitution could not be overthrown merely on the desires of a few persons. The petition maintained that the establishment of a judicial commission under the 18th Amendment would not undermine the independence of judiciary. It said the involvement of a parliamentary committee in the process of appointment of judges of superior courts did not have any negative impact on the independence of judiciary. The government says the petition against 18th Amendment is not maintainable as the petitioner has no locus standi and liable to be dismissed. In its reply to a petition of Watan Party, the Federation adopts the stance that the petition cannot be entertained as under the Constitution no provision or mechanism has been provided to challenge the Constitution or amendments made in it. It maintains under Article 239 of the Constitution, Parliaments constitutional amendment cannot be challenged in the court. That even unlimited jurisdiction to do the complete justice was conferred upon this court under original Article 187 of the Constitution was done away by the 4th Amendment in the Constitution and now the jurisdiction even under Article 187 is subject to Constitution and law in accordance with Article 175(2) of the Constitution, it adds. It says the Parliament has unfettered powers to amending the Constitution and it cannot be struck down on the desire of some persons. Under Article 17(4) un-amended the party election was to be held subject to law Political Party Act 1962 and that law is still intact, it says. Replying to contention of Watan Party, the Federation says the petitioner does not understand that a head of a political party can form a National government in the country.