ISLAMABAD Incurring Rs2.305 million, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) officers visited abroad without getting prior clearance/NOC from Finance Division. The expenditure incurred Rs 2,304,926 on the PCB officials visit abroad was held irregular as no clearance was taken from Finance Division, revealed the audit report 2008-09 (Para-09), made available to TheNation. It may be mentioned here that the Cabinet Division had issued policy instructions regarding official visits abroad vide DO letter No.F-9-148 dated 19 February, 2003, that all officials of ministries/division/department/corporation autonomous bodies to ensure prior clearance of the Ministry of Finance. It was also mentioned in the instruction that prior clearance of the Ministry of Finance was also necessary. Later, Law Division had issued further clarification that policy instructions issued by Cabinet Division should be complied with in letter and spirit, said audit report. The audit report also required reasons for not obtaining of NOC besides asking to fix the responsibility. The audit report in its audit para-07 also revealed that irregular payment of Rs 178,317 was paid due to unauthorised retention of ex-chief security officer after expiry of contract period. The report said that the payment was made in violation hence it was held irregular. The report also required action to recover the amount of Rs 178,317 from the officer concerned. Several attempts were made to take comments from PBC officials but no response was given.