LAHORE The third Inter Club Golf Competition between Royal Palm and Lahore Gymkhana will be contested over 18 holes on Saturday afternoon with tee off scheduled for 2 pm at the Royal Palm Golf Course. In this combat of golfing skills, Royal Palm will be represented by 26 of their skilful ones who will face 26 proficient ones from Gymkhana and total points at stake are 52 with 26 for the four ball events and 26 for singles. The team securing 26.5 points and more will lift the majestic trophy. Currently Gymkhana are the defending champions and hold this trophy. The hosts of this quarterly duel will be Royal Palm and eager as they are to achieve glory on their home course, they will be depending on luminaries like M. Rehman, Aleem ur Rehman, Omer Salamat, Shoaib Bokhari, Asad Amin Col. Jameel Khalid and Ramzan Sheikh, but of course victory will only be possible if the double digit handicappers come upto expectations and play to their potential. For Gymkhana the high achievers are Imran Ahmed, Daanyal Jehangir, Sameer Iftikhar, Salman Jehangir, Sardar Murad, Shafiq Bhatti, Shakeel Ahmed, Shahid Khan, Mohsin Anwar, Qasim Khan, Aftab Arshed and Tariq Misbah. All of them are beyond comparison in the singles combat but in four-ball they just might turn out to be less stinging. For any chance of retaining the trophy Gymkhana too will have to look upto the double digit handicappers for a worthwhile performance. Apparent at the Royal Palm Golf Course is imagination and creativity of those responsible for its set up and new look and the golfing environment reflects wonderful variety with water hazards and bunkers aplenty to tease and test the golfers and of course greens that seem to rear up or fall away accompanied by tree lines and rough that can rue you up.