Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani said that the terrorists' are working on foreign agenda to destabilize Pakistan adding that military operation would be initiated in the areas where government writ would be challenged. Addressing to the Cheques' distribution ceremony among the Malakund Affectees on Saturday, Prime Minister reiterated that Malakund Division would be made again peaceful and a Tourists' destination, as the terrorists sabotaged peace and thriving economy of Malakund Division and started militancy in the areas at the name of Shariah. He also termed the rehabilitation and repatriation of over three million populace of Malakund Division as great achievement of the government stating that the world has no such example to resettle such a massive populace in their native areas within the shortest time of three months. Prime Minister appreciating sacrifices of the people of Malakund Division against the menace of terrorism said that the government acknowledged the difficulties of these people adding that the government has been committed to construct new Malakund to facilitate the people with every possible infrastructure. He also vowed that the government will not compromise on national security and solidarity and that the government will take action against militancy if it tried to challenge the government writ adding that in the beginning of military action there were concerns and reservations among people regarding military action, but discretion of the government was fair. Prime Minister further pointed out that peace in the region is linked to peace inside Pakistan and war against terrorism has been the war of Pakistan adding that there might be some complaints of the people of Malakund from the prime Minister and President of Pakistan, but they should not devolve complaints against Pakistan. He also promised to approve the demands from the people of Malakund Division regarding to construct University in Malakund and to establish Malakund Tunnel and to allocate funding for the youth of the area to design employment opportunities in the area. Earlier Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa' Amir Haider Khan Hoti resolved "we will crush menace of terrorism from the area and the terrorists elements would be flushed out from the country".