ABBOTTABAD Hazara, once again, remained on virtual halt on Friday on the call of Hazara Movement, as complete shutter down protests followed by enormous public gatherings and rallies were observed across the region. All the five districts of Hazara Division - Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Kohistan and Battagram - came to standstill from early morning till evening. From Jharikas, the entry point to Hazara region to Bhasha, Kohistan, the last suburb of Hazara, affairs of life remained dormant. The central leadership of Tehreek-e-Hazara headed by Sardar Haider Zaman including Sardar Yaqoob, Sardar Shafqat, Sardar Sheraz Afzal, Sardar Saeed, Mushtaq Ghani, Qalandar Lodhi, Qazi Azhar, Azhar Jadoon, Naseer Jadoon and Wasim Jadoon led processions in Abbottabad. Haripur protests were led by Tehreek stalwarts Gohar Ayub Khan, Umer Ayub Khan, Yousuf Ayub Khan and others. Sardar Yousuf, Sardar Shah Jahan Yousuf, Qasim Shah and Shehzada Gustasib were main organisers of the event in Manshera while Khan of Battagram, Fayaz Khan, Prince Nawaz Khan, Khanzada Khan, Zarbuland Khan, Ayaz Khan and Saleem Khan in Battagram and Kohsitan districts arranged protests and rallies. Talking to TheNation, Quaid-e-Tehreek-e-Hazara Sardar Haider Zaman said that the formation of Hazara province was inevitable and the time to launch decisive offensive was heading nearer. He hinted that the Hazara Movement would go for civil obedience and long march if its demand of formation of Hazara province was not met. Among the important events Zaman mentioned was the upcoming public procession at Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi. Haider will leave for Haripur on Saturday evening to address a protest rally after addressing an overwhelming procession at Shuhda-e-Hazara Chowk, Abbottabad. The traders bodies in Hazara completely shut their businesses on Friday and reiterated that they would always show due compliance to the call of Hazara Movement. Sharing views with this scribe, President Abbottabad Traders Union, Sardar Shafqat, said that traders in Hazara were loyal sons of the land and were ready to sacrifice everything in this regard. We are least bothered about fiscal loss. When it comes to Hazara cause, money, life and property do not matter for us, he added. President Abbottabad Mandian Joint Traders Union, Sardar Saeed, said that it was a matter of pride and honour for the traders to close their businesses on the occasion of protests to mark their contributions for Hazara cause.