Indus delta is the sixth largest delta in the world which is facing unnatural sad demise due to non-release of at least 10 MAF water downstream Kotri as envisaged in Water Accord 1991 after signing the Accord 20 years ago. Non-release of limited quantity of water despite agreed earlier, has resulted in serious sea intrusion in two districts namely Badin and Thatta of Sindh resulting 2.7 million acres of land inundated. As per Sindh Governments official briefing given to visiting Senators sometime back, if such situation prevails the centuries old historical Thatta city which remained capital of Sindhs rulers for centuries would disappear. It is sorry to say after getting powers through 18th amendment, our Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani Gilani is obviously not interested to save Indus delta from ruination. This created formidable impact on environment in Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular but sorry to say our Prime Minister is obviously not worried to save Indus delta despite hue and cry by Sindh as well as international community. Through your esteemed newspaper, I appeal to the world community including NGOs to come forward to save Indus delta and expose our present Governments criminal negligence towards non-protecting Indus delta. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, May 28.