KUWAIT CITY - Thousands of anti-government protesters held a rally outside the National Assembly building here Saturday, which was billed as a 'Day of Rage'.The protesters lined up in front of the assembly and chanted slogans against the prime minister. The demonstrators gathered at the parking lot of the municipal council, as agreed with the government, instead of the Safat Square which they had announced before. From the Magrib, the "Day of Rage" began on a peaceful note with the police and the protesters making jokes but after the Isha (evening prayer), the chants became louder. The protesters tore photographs of the prime minister during which a fight broke out between them and the police but was contained before it went out of control. Earlier after the prayers, Salafist Member of the Parliament Waleed Al-Tabtabae appealed to the gathered crowds to remain peaceful and not to have any contacts with policemen or any other people. Member of Parliament Musallam Al-Barrak made a scathing attack against MPs who voted for postponing the grilling of Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah for one year. He said those MPs were trying to empty the constitution of its content. Al-Barrak addressed the PM saying "you will not escape from what you have done to the Kuwaiti people, adding that the MPs who supported you also deserve punishment". He said, "Though we seek the ouster of Sheikh Nasser, we will defend the regime and will not allow anyone to harm it. Our loyalty is to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah," he added. Al-Barrak told the Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud: "Do not allow Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad to put you in trouble, we are not trying to come in touch with you (police), and the proof is that we chose another square when Safat was closed to make sure no clashes take place. He told the youths that they have a big role to play and Nasser Al-Mohammad will fall at the end. Each MP who supported him must be punished at the ballot box, he said. Meanwhile, MP Dhaifallah Buramiyah said the government is as bad the previous six governments. He said the people are able to right the wrong things although corruption has become so rampant in the government. "We support the "youth of change," he said reminding them that their demands will not be fulfilled without sacrifice.