Hello, I am Raymond Davis and I am really glad to see what happened in Karachi. I am truly thankful for all those McDonald's and KFC meals you provided me during jail custody. It was kind of you people when you allowed me to talk to my wife on Merry Christmas. I heard about the wife of one victim who committed suicide, I was really worried about it but your leaders told me that there is nothing to worry about. Your police found multiple sims from my custody, and I thought that it will be enough of evidence against me to convict in court, but your intelligence services assured me that it was not going to cause any trouble. Investigators were really glad to know that I can speak many of your languages including Pushto and they appreciated it. They also got to know that my cell phone has been used to make calls in tribal areas and that I have been in contact with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. I was really happy to get released from your law enforcement agencies and courts. After having some time with my family, I am ready to get to my duty. My company has not changed my assignment as yet and I will continue to work on "Operation Chaos: Target Pakistan". I am really proud of my local operators who have successfully carried the covert mission in Karachi. I loved to be there to monitor the whole operation but since my daughter was sick I was unable to attend all that event in your country. However, I got all the details right here. There are many guys like me in your country that are your guests and I am really pleased with your hospitality. Pakistan is a really fertile ground for foreign investment, and my company, Xe worldwide is looking forward to become the market leader in your country. It will increase your country's FDI and you will have more money to spend on health and education. MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH ANSARI, Lahore, May 26.