PESHAWAR - Pakistani nuclear scientist and founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that the country is faced with lack of honest leadership and that was the reason that Pakistan could not benefit properly from its nuclear programme.Addressing on phone to PML-N  Lawyer Forum Programme in District Bar Room of Peshawar on Monday, he said that the country is facing with multifarious problems and it would hard for the masses to render more sacrifices. He urged them to get united and ensure supremacy of law. Citing a private TV channel Online reported that  Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that Pakistan has the capability to shoot down unmanned drone planes.Some 15 years ago, they had built missile in Kahuta which had the capability to shoot down drones. Dr Khan said the Army had taken oath for the security of borders but what was the use of oath if violation of border continued. Taking a swipe at the present rulers, he said: “Ziaul Haq was a dictator but he was a patriot but the present rulers are corrupt and robbers,” he said. “Pakistan has been facing internal threats” he said, adding that having nuclear capability, it was a wrong perception that the country could not take action against the United States, England or France.PML-N Woman Wing President Shazia Orangzeb said several offers were made to Nawaz Sharif for not conducting the nuclear test but he rejected.

 Addressing a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club in connection with the Youme Takbeer, she said that PPP and its workers are backing a convicted prime minister of the country saying that in the upcoming election the masses would reject these corrupt elements and PML-N will get a thumping majority. She said that the PPP government wants to hide its leaders corruption that is why they are engaged in confrontation with the judiciary.