KARACHI - Muhajir Rabita Council and Muhajir Sooba Tehreek on Monday said formation of Muhajir province was the only solution to the problems of Muhajir community.MRC President Yaqoob Bundhani in a telephonic conversation with Muhajir Sooba Tehreek leader Shahzad Siddiqui rejected the findings of PPP’s committee, saying that the fact-finding committee is not the solution to their problems.They vowed that the Muhajir community would not withdraw from the struggle of separate province for Muhajir community. “Our struggle is continuing under the law and constitution of the country.” MRC President Yaqoob Bundhani said that his party was struggling for the rights of Muhajir community since 20 years, adding that Muhajir province is the only solution against discrimination and target killing of Muhajir community.Siddiqui hoped that the Muhajir parties will support the struggle of Muhajir province. “We will not surrender before the government tactics against the Muhajir Sooba movement.”The leaders of Muhajir parties have decided to soon hold the meeting to finalise the future strategy of Muhajir province movement.