A big fire broke out in the forests of Margalla hills in the federal capital on Tuesday. The fire that started in the afternoon has engulfed large area near F/5 sector.  Fire erupted in the afternoon on Margalla Hills near to Bari Imam shrine at various spots here on Tuesday, which was spreading at alarming pace engulfing a large area. the reason behind the fire is yet to be ascertained. According to CDA officials the fire broke out due to scorching weather, clouds of smoke can seen miles away from the site of incident. “The fire wrapped the area of Police check point, Mosque and high power electricity transmission line passing through the area”, say eye witnesses. Capital Development Authority (CDA) has dispatched its fire brigade vehicles and helicopter to the site and efforts are underway to control the situation. According to the latest reports firemen were able to control the fire to a certain extent but rising smoke could be seen from various part of the hill. Unfortunately fire at the Margalla hills has become an annual feature which occurs in summer season, not only mars the natural beauty but also harms wildlife and speaks volume incompetency and slackness of the CDA to take measures to overcome such recurrence.