PESHAWAR - Jamil Afridi, the brother of alleged US spy Dr Shakeel Afridi, on Monday said the 33-year imprisonment of his brother through the Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) was one-sided verdict of the political administration, as the right of appeal had not been given to the accused.Addressing a press conference at the Peshawar Press club, he said Shakeel had the right to originate the case in Abbottabad where the incident occurred, but instead of handing over the matter to the civil courts of the country, the case was decided under the FCR. He demanded that they should be allowed to meet with his brother and also provided the copy of the decision of the assistant political agent (APA). Jamil was flanked by the defence panel - comprising Samiullah, Raza Khan Safi and Ijaz Mohmand - and others. He rejected all the allegations against Shakeel and said he did not leave the country soon after the OBL operation, despite holding a US visa. He questioned why the government had detained his brother, given the fact that the prime Minster described the killing of Osama bin Laden a great victory.The defence counsels told reporter that no copy of the detail judgment under the FCR had been provided to them and they wanted to provide legal assistance to their client and to inform the world that the Pakistani lawyers were against terrorism.Jamil appealed to the chief justices of the SC and Peshawar High court to intervene and allow them to meet with Shakeel.Dr Shakil Afridi has been sentenced to 33 years of imprisonment on the treason charges for his role in helping the Americans obtain the DNA samples of Osama bin Laden’s children and thus confirming his location. It is reported the official jirga constituted by the political agent of Khyber Agency tried him under the FCR. The APA, who was acting as executive and judicial officer, also announced a fine of Rs 320,000 on the recommendations of the jirga. Shakeel will have to undergo an additional term of three years if he fails to pay the amount.After the sentence, the political administration shifted the convict to the Central Jail Peshawar, amid tight security. The APA said Shakeel had been in the custody of political administration and his trial was held under the FCR within two weeks. The Health Department terminated Dr Shakil Afridi on March 29 from service for organising an unauthorised US-sponsored vaccination campaign in Abbottabad to collect the DNA samples of the people living in the compound where the Al Qaeda chief lived with his family. The provincial government acted on a summary received in August from the Health Directorate of FATA, which was not authorised to initiate an inquiry against an officer above Grade 18. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department, in its notification, stated that Shakeel had been terminated under the Efficiency and Disciplinary (E&D) Rules for being involved in anti-state activities. Prior to his termination, 15 lady health workers, who were a part of the vaccination campaign, also lost their jobs.It is worth mentioned that Dr Shakeel was arrested by the security agencies in July 2011, about two months after Osama was killed by the US commandos, and his whereabouts were unknown to his family members. After his conviction, the authorities in Khyber Agency claimed that he was in their custody.