Gilgit-Baltistan badly needs new districts to meet the demands of over two million people. Here are my suggestions. Before 1974, Hunza and Nagar were two states and now these are formed into one district; these two areas should be made separate districts immediately. Similarly, Gojal, Brushal and Shinaki should become separate districts. Nagar would be more manageable administratively once made a district. Gilgit city must be divided into two districts: urban and rural. Bagrote, Haramosh and Jalalabad areas be made one district. Once upon a time, parts of Ghizer had different rajas/governors, now it is just one district — it needs to be divided into two. Punial, Yasin, Ashkoman and Gopis areas of Ghizer could be separated into districts and Diamer could be divided into two districts. Two districts could be carved out of Darel and Tangir and Chilas. Baltistan needs two more districts: Shigir and Khaplo. This division of power would make management easier and more responsible.


Via e-mail, May 25.