PESHAWAR - All Pakistan CNG Association, KPK chapter, Chairman Pervez Khattak Monday warned of going on strike if the government failed to take back the decision of increase in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) price.

“Strongly rejecting the time and again increase in CNG price, Khattak termed it a well-cooked conspiracy of the Minister for Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain against the sole profitable industry of the country. He said that people are not to bear to buy Rs 100 per Kilogram CNG as they were already pressed by raised gas and power prices in the country. He added that the CNG association will condemn any government decision which might resort to bring increase in CNG prices and would resisted it through strikes and protest gatherings. “We would be on strike from next day, if government announced increase in CNG prices on June 1”, Khattak said while addressing a news conference here at Press Club.

He maintained that they have come to know reliably that government was set to surge prices of CNG by Rs 15 per kg , while it was not long ago that the increase of Rs 11 was made. He alleged that the govt was increasing prices of CNG to bring it at par with petrol prices rather increasing it more than the latter that would negatively cost the importance of CNG as a cheap fuel.

“It was also on the government card to increase gas development surcharge up to 300 percent from the current 147 percent that would result surge in CNG prices, he said. Mr Khattak alleged that at times there was artificial scarcity of natural gas created in the country and CNG industry was held responsible for the same by government, though the latter only consume 8 percent of the total natural gas production in the country.

Dr Asim, who has his own business of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the country, was after destruction of CNG industry by playing major role in increasing prices of CNG, he blamed.