PESHAWAR - Opposing the ongoing military operation in tehsil Bara, Khyber Agency, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Khyber Agency chapter, Ameer Shah Faisal Afridi demanded of the government to halt the offensive and follow a way of negotiation to resolve all issues confronting the tribesmen. 

“The use of force or military action is not a solution to issues existing in Fata,” Afridi said while addressing a news conference here at press club on Monday. He added that thousands of helpless tribesmen living in different parts of Khyber Agency, especially in localities of tehsil Bara, were stuck at their unsafe homes, where there is a lack of edible items due to unending curfew imposed by security forces.         

Flanked by JI other local leaders Sultan Afridi, Dr M Khan and Dr Hussain, Afridi said that security forces imposed an ‘illogical’ curfew for the last three years in tehsil Bara, Khyber Agency, due to which all roads were closed and movement in the agency was immensely difficult.

He maintained that the local tribesmen, who had no finances to shift their families to safer places of settled areas, were confronted with enormous difficulties while shifting their patients to medical centres or trying to get food items.

JI leader lamented that Bar Qambarkhel area of tehsil Bara was quite peaceful area and the Qambarkhel tribe were also cooperating with the security forces in foiling any unpleasant incident or in establishing peace in the region, but despite that forces also imposed curfew there and closed all the roads due to which thousands of peaceful tribal families were stranded in their homes.

While on the other hand, he said, the migrated tribal families to makeshift camps were facing acute shortage of basic facilities, adding the forces have furthers given notices to peoples to left their homes in Shalobar locality.

He also criticised the former federal minister, an elected representative from the same area, for following criminal silence over the hardships facing the tribesmen, saying it is unfortunate that the elected leaders even do not pay his utmost duty to oppose the offensive and ensure basic facilities to the distressed massed.

It is time to sense the gravity of situation, he said otherwise the patriotic tribesmen to work against the interests of the country. 

He demanded of the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Masood Kauser to stop military operation in the agency and end the ‘illogical’ curfew in the area, otherwise threatened to launch a protest demonstration against the government