Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that he doesn’t take Nawaz Sharif’s threats seriously. Speaking to media on Tuesday, he said that Mr Sharif remained prime minister of the country but did nothing. Gilani said that the parliament should complete its five-year term. “System not prime minister is important,” he said and added Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif were not concerned about the system as both were not parliamentarians. Gilani said that some politicians who are not elected representatives can not make the parliament hostage. The Prime Minister criticized the attitude of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf in the national politics. He said due to the infighting between the PML (N) and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf‚ the nation should not suffer and it should move forward. He said as Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are not members of the parliament‚ therefore they do not understand the sanctity and importance of the house. Prime Minister Gilani said the nation is fully aware of the performance of Pakistan Muslim League (N). It came in to power twice but failed to deliver. This time also their government in Punjab has failed to deliver to the expectations of the masses. He said Pakistan Peoples Party has not come into power through back door channels but have been elected to power by the people. He emphasized that the parliament complete its mandated term for the flourishment of democracy and the system. To a question‚ Prime Minister Gilani said we will ensure free‚ fair and transparent elections in the country and this will be the first democratic government which will smoothly transfer power to the next government. To another question‚ the Prime Minister said that effort will be made to give relief to the masses in the upcoming budget. About the restoration of NATO supply line‚ he said the decision will be taken in the best national interest and following the conclusion of dialogue with the United States. Earlier inaugurating Pakistan's first on grid Solar power generation system‚ the Prime Minister said Pakistan is blessed with immense natural resources and these will be fully utilized to overcome the energy shortages. He said the government is alive to the problems of the people on the account of energy shortages and exploring indigenous resources including hydel and renewable to overcome this problem once and for all. He said the inauguration of this first on-grid solar power generation system is a reflection of the government's resolve to achieve power self-sufficiency. He said realizing the country's growing power demand for the industry‚ agriculture and above all domestic sector‚ the present democratic government has initiated several projects in the energy sector. These projects not only tap the conventional but also the renewable energy resources including wind‚ solar and biomass.  He said we seek international investment in this vital sector to build projects that can rid Pakistan of scourge of load-shedding‚ which has so adversely affected our economic growth. Prime Minister Gilani pointed out that the identified potential of power generation from wind is about 43‚000 MW‚ whereas for solar‚ it is much more than 100‚000 MW. Under the scenario of climate change and melting of glaciers‚ the harnessing of renewable energy resources has also been given priority. The present government is continuously working to facilitate the investors and making reforms in renewable energy sector. Emphasizing upon the energy conservation‚ Prime Minister Gilani said the electricity should not be used as a luxury but to fulfill the optimal requirements. On the occasion‚ the prime minister announced five-tier service structure and time-scale promotions for the engineers throughout the country.