MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar strongly condemned the prime minister’s statement regarding American apology on Salala incident, saying giving such statements was tantamount to committing treason with the country, nation and the blood of martyrs. Talking to the journalists here on Monday, Dr Akhtar said that the prime minister rubbed salt on the wounds of nation by saying that the army men would not become alive even if America apologized. He said that the statement was highly condemnable.

Referring to former president Musharraf, he said that all those PPP leaders, who branded Musharraf as killer of Benazir Bhutto today, helped him flee the country. “He was given guard of honour on the order of current president Zardari and now PPP leaders call him the killer of Benazir. It’s ironic,” he added.

He said that all those, who supported Musharraf, were equally responsible for his crimes and therefore they should be prosecuted. He said that Musharraf did not deserve any relaxation for violating constitution but he was facilitated to flee instead of bringing him to justice. He said that the killers of Benazir Bhutto were still at large which was a big question mark on performance of the incumbent government.

He said that the PPP government failed to deliver as a result of which the masses in general and Jiyalas in particular were highly disappointed. He said that a wave of change was taking place in the country and media should play a positive role at this critical point. He regretted that law and order situation was very poor in the country.

“How shall the rulers seek vote from masses after such a poor performance. Now 180 million people recognize the real faces of PPP, Nawaz League and their allies,” he maintained. He said that PPP created the environment of clash between two institutions to protect a corrupt individual.