AHMEDPUR EAST - DPO Ahmed Ishaq Jehangir awarded departmental punishment to 19 police officials.

According to detail, DPO forfeited the one year service of Sub-Inspector Mumtaz Hussein, issued warning to SI Javed Iqbal and demoted SI Tassadaq Hussein to the rank of ASI. Similarly, he terminated the services of ASI Mohammad Ashiq and sent ASI Mohammad Farhan on forced retirement. The DPO also forfeited the two years service of ASI Mohammad Rafique along with forfeiture of six months service of each of nine police constables and stoppage of the one year increment of lady constable Shakeela Kausar.

Meanwhile, the district top cop held an open court in his office. He also met with a delegation of Anjman-e-Tajran Bahawalpur and heard their problems.                  –Reporter