The Pakistan Army has declared all the victims of Gayari sector as ‘Shuhada’ (martyrs) on Tuesday. A huge wall of snow crashed into the remote Siachen Glacier base high in the mountains in the early hours of April 7, smothering an area of one square kilometer and killing 140 soldiers. According to Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), the army has declared all the victims of Gayari sector as martyrs, as nature and magnitude of the calamity is suggestive of no probability of recovering any one alive. Fifty-two days have passed since the tragic incident of Gayari took place and bodies of three martyrs were found during operation. Notwithstanding the resolve of troops employed on search operations, excavation work is taking time due to constraints imposed by terrain and weather, the statement stated. In this backdrop, religious scholars from all sects and factions were consulted. Aspects related to socio-religious dimensions / implications, requirements to initiate the process of documentation, and reduction of the sufferings of the bereaved families have been evaluated in detail. Therefore, it was decided to declare the remaining brave soldiers as "Shuhada". This is being done with mixed feelings of pride, grief and above all unflinching resolve to continue efforts to recover the remaining bodies, the statement said.