WARBURTON - Character-building of the police personnel is being carried out to transform them into a vibrant and public-friendly force.

The process has been initiated on the special instructions of Sheikhupura RPO Zulfiqar Cheema while Warburton Police Inspector Azam Bassra has been monitoring it. According to detail, Inspector Azam Bassra has imposed a ban on the entry of ‘touts’ in the police station and forced closure of almost all of the narcotics dens. He has also initiated a vigorous crackdown on criminals.

Meanwhile, Inspector Bassra said that various steps had been taken to restore the police public image. He said that the RPO was keen to purge the police of black sheep and ensure speedy justice to the needy people.

The effective measures taken by police, most of the addicts have left the area due to the unavailability of narcotics while few addicts have been admitted to rehabilitation centres.