RAWALPINDI  – With the increase in mercury, heat-related illness has been on the rise in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The major reasons for gastro diseases include use of substandard fruit and other edibles being sold on street. Doctors related the increasing number of cases to the increase in temperatures and use of unhygienic food. Doctors at various hospitals in twin cities have reported an increase in patients of heat related illness such as gastroenteritis, jaundice and diarrhoea, motions and vomiting.

Dr Ather at PIMS talking to INP said that about five to seven persons come to OPD daily while at least two patients are admitted daily for gastric problems.

As many as 100 to 110 patients with heat-related diseases like diarrhoea, cholera and food poisoning visited the allied hospitals of Rawalpindi during last four days. Many of the children admitted in the wards had either consumed contaminated water or unhygienic food, said a doctor at allied hospitals.

“Children and aged people and those who ate unhygienic food from vendors could easily fall a victim to the stomach-related problems in the summer,” health experts said.

Health experts have stressed the masses to adopt precautionary measures against hot weather as hot and dry weather was predicted for next few weeks by weather experts. They advised the public to avoid direct exposure to the sunlight and cover the head and neck areas besides ensuring a maximum intake of water and other liquids to prevent dehydration due to excessive sweating.