Jailbreaks in Afghanistan’s Kandahar and Pakistan’s Bannu may have similarities, and its timing with the reported ‘spring offensive’ by the Taliban in Afghanistan may also have a great significance, but the question is whether this is going to be used as a case against Pakistan or it is a genuine move against the occupation forces.

It is said that the TTP men are regularly shown Hollywood action movies that stir not only emotions but also provide enough guidance as to how to conduct similar operations in a sensational way. They reportedly blocked all roads before entering these jails so that the police or security forces could not react quickly. While going back too, they had the capacity to remove and recreate hurdles in order to make sure that they were not chased easily. The attack and release of 384 prisoners, including some most wanted and high profile terrorists, has established that the war fought for the last many years and sacrifices by thousands of personnel, men and women, elders and children have gone to waste.

Secondly, this has established that the TTP and the Afghan Taliban have either connections to or are a part of al Qaeda and the Taliban, or all the groups operating separately are actually one and the same. This incident is a reminder that if a jail in a settled area can be broken in so easily and audaciously, then anything can be done on this pattern.

Although the authorities claim that this is not possible, given the command and control system and watertight security, yet it cannot be ruled out and the government and the security establishment have to be extra vigilant and take immediate corrective measures. This attack means the Taliban are in full gear to hit back in not only Afghanistan but also in Pakistan, which is the frontline ally of the US.

This also shows the inefficient and ineffective prosecution system, legal process, interrogation and investigation system and the weakened civil administration that has no capacity to provide vibrant replacement. Not a single terrorist has ever been hanged or punished and those languishing in jails, like those of Bannu, have either been released or secure. Society as a whole has shown its weakness and the administration has proved it has turned into a security risk rather than being the custodian; this unwillingness on a massive scale has rendered security forces of the country, including the military, isolated.


Peshawar, May 24.