Altaf Hussain keeps on spouting controversial statements from his grand palace in London. In the comfort of his home he does not understand the woes of the people of Karachi and seems detached and isolated. It seems that the end is coming for MQM that ruled Sindh province for two decades at gunpoint.

Now it has become a routine matter for Altaf Hussain, while addressing the masses, to get carried away and says things that fuels the emotions throughout the country and leads to strikes, killings and unrest harming the economy. He starts such fiascos often and then his party members have to offer various explanations, as if it is incumbent upon them to fix the damage done by their leader's choice of words. What amazes me is that this vicious cycle keeps on repeating itself and yet the masses sit entranced in front of the video link and listen to him.

How long will Mr. Hussain continue to fool the public? What he doesn't realize is that this is an era of awareness and education and people have seen through the farce of his politics. In these times of free social and print media it becomes easy for people to pick out honest, visionary and benevolent leaders among the throng of avaricious and desirous politicians. A self-exiled person, who is now a British citizen, playing the political arena in Pakistan through video link, giving lame and derogatory statements, I am sure is not one of us! His hold on the people of Karachi has been loosened by his loose tongue and he keeps on putting his foot in his mouth once too many times.


Lahore, May 21.