We listened to the speech given by Nawaz Sharif a few days back to a gathering of his elected members but broadcast live by every news-channel, and meant for the entire nation. The sentiments and resolve he expressed is commendable, however what is to be seen is its implementation. Mian Sahib says he will, to start with, cut the government expenses by 30 percent. An excellent point! I would like to point out a point where public money is being wasted mercilessly, that is in providing security to the VIP’s. The country is facing security threats and we need the police force to take care of crimes and catching criminals rather than doing VIP duty, which they love.

Just like charity begins at home, reforms should also start from the Mian brother’s personal security, which has been stated to compromise of at least 1,100 police personal with dozens of vehicles and all paraphernalia that goes with it. Let’s take a rough estimate of how much this costs the nation? If they are so popular in the country why are they so scared? Plus being Muslims we know when our number is up, no number of guards can save us!

So I would like to request Mian Sahib to divert all this money to the betterment of his nation, as Allah has selected him to guide and help Pakistan out of this nightmare we are all living in. I wish we could build a better safer, happier and prosperous Pakistan. Millions are living below the poverty line, while the palace at Jati Umrah has domestic help which equals a whole village. While I wish Mian Nawaz Godspeed, I hope he will look into these matters and come out with a true example of a brave leader.


Lahore, May 22.