I am a regular customer of Metro Cash and Carry Store located in Site area Karachi. I received a promotional SMS, informing me that the store will open at 8:00am and stay open till 11:00pm. As this timing was suitable for me and my family we decided to visit the store at 8:30am on Sunday morning. To my surprise the main gate was closed and the security guard told me that the store will open at 9:00am.

When I protested and showed him the promotion SMS about the store timing, he talked to the security head. I was really upset and asked to see a manager. I talked to the manager operations and showed him the SMS. He cooperated and allowed us to enter the store before 9:00 am, he also lodged a complaint to Metro head office on my behalf. I am grateful to him for providing excellent customer service.


Karachi, May 26.