The world is ever changing and with it new and innovative jobs come up, but unfortunately our youth has no one to guide them. There is a great need for career counseling, which should start in grade eight as that is the time when students decide to go for science subjects or arts. There has to be some way to gauge what a child is interested in. In the 60’s, everyone wanted to become a doctor or engineer, then it was BCOM, MCOM and then the era of the computer boom.

There is no litmus test for what one wants to become, very few students are passionate about the profession they choose and there are so many factors which influence them like their financial situation and the families consent and approval. Then there is this ‘Herd Mentality’ seen in Pakistan- every student wants to get a degree in the highest paying job of the time with no future planning. They miss great opportunities in following what everyone else is doing. Our students desperately need career counseling and we should not look at the government for providing it.


Karachi, May 26.