She is known for her flirty TV interviews. And Susana Reid seemed to be having a very friendly chat with Tom Cruise at the ridiculously early 6.45am premiere of his new film, Edge of Tomorrow.

The pair were pictured together on the red carpet as Tom Cruise and other stars made their way into the BFI Imax cinema in London. Filming for the interview for Good Morning Britain, Susanna kindly brought a cup of tea along for the Hollywood star to give him a boost on what will be a very busy day. The pair held eye contact as they spoke before Tom leaned in an whispered something to the brunette beauty. He then gave the 43-year-old a hug and she certainly looked happy to be in the star’s embrace. Today certainly was a Good Morning for Susanna Reid. She became the envy of women around the world as she interviewed Tom Cruise on the red carpet for the premiere of his new movie Edge of Tomorrow. They even snuggled up for a selfie.