MOL Batam - This is the moment an ant appeared to give its friend a beautiful blossoming flower. The tiny creature was captured clutching the huge yellow plant as it balanced precariously on a tiny branch in Batam, Indonesia. The series of stunning photographs was taken in January by photographer Ais Setiawan, from Jakarta. Further images show the two insects pictured with other flowers as they struggle to move them around. In one amazing shot, an ant is seen walking carefully up a stem while it carries another flower in its mouth.  

 Another shows the ants next to each other with their plants held vertically in the air. The flowers are thought to weigh at least three times more than the red ants, which are only 8mm long. They are known for making nests in trees using leaves stitched together with silk produced by their larvae. Colonies can consist of up to 500,000 workers with some including hundreds of nests. The ants usually prey on small insects, often dismantling them so they can be carried in small pieces.