A:     I got everything we needed, now let’s get started on the famous burgers of yours, I’m starving. All this shopping has worked up an appetite.

S:     Finally, let’s get this barbecue going. Wait. What is that? I told you to get cheese, why did you get this?

A:     That’s not the brand you wanted but that is cheese; that is all the store had. The point being; it is still cheese, let’s not be too finicky about brand loyalty – or should I say brand snobbery. No one will notice the difference with all those ingredients thrown in. We’ll have a vote when everyone shows up.

S:     It is not cheese; it is packaged like cheese and looks like cheese, but see this label here? It says this is a “pasteurized cheese product”, not cheese. These companies are required by law to change the label – the cant call this cheese – but they still have plenty of room to practice deception on unsuspecting costumers.

A:     I don’t understand. Why the deception? And what is a “pasteurized cheese product” anyway?

S:     Something that is chemically concocted to resemble cheese, taste like it and smell like it. These ‘fake products’ are easier to make, have a longer shelf life and bring in great profit margins. For years we have been eating things such as ice cream which is actually not made from milk, and chocolate that contains no coca beans. Only now has the law caught up with the food industry; labelling laws are strict, but advertisement renders these checks useless.

A:     Really? I had no idea. I am shocked, no; I am furious. How can the government let us be deceived like this, they should only allow authentic products and ban the rest. Clearly this labelling regime is not enough.

S:     If they did, the majority of the products on shelves will be struck down. To be marketed far and wide, almost every product needs to be preserved artificially. Unless you live right next to a farm, getting organic products is hard. There has to be balance, crisps packed with nitrogen are okay, fake cheese isn’t. That’s were labels comes in, and our vigilance.