The world is wrought with ideological wars, wars between the left and right, between moderates and extremists and so many other wars among many ‘isms’. There appears no end to these wars not even in the distant future and it seems that humanity would continue to kill and to be killed in order to prove the veracity of their own ‘ism.’ One thing is clear that in the civilized world, ideologies are more important than human beings.

The USA claims to be the champion of liberal Democracy and wants to impose a neoliberal agenda by hooks or by crooks. It has become a Godfather, who does not want any authorization from other countries or organizations for the implementation of her policies. The corporate media of the west presents liberal democracy as the only panacea for the political crises in the entire world irrespective of indigenous sensitivities and conditions.

The attack on Afghanistan and Iraq and the imposition of forced democracy in these countries has failed and now USA is leaving both of them steeped in anarchy and bloodshed, because she has more important business to do in Syria and Ukraine. Arab Springs is also an achievement of USA because now there are no dictators in those countries and they are democratic, irrespective of what repercussions those countries are facing due to this ‘Spring.’

It seems that the modern and civilized man has failed to understand what he is doing and how their actions could affect the world and the coming generations. The obsession of power coupled with the desire to maintain one’s hegemony over the world would give birth to nothing but anarchy and chaos. The insatiable lust of tiny elite would throw the humanity in the flames of war.

I think that the majority of the human beings would continue to suffer unless they become critical about what they are told by their political leaders and the media. Hence people approve wars and attacks on other nations without understanding its repercussions on their own lives. Uncritical and docile people are the product of the modern electronic media; they do not understand that wars only benefited those who fight them.

The institutionalization and indoctrination of the people have devoid them of all human emotions and now the raison detre of their lives is to serve institutions. So, those who serve in these institutions feel no moral compunction in killing innocent people and children at mass level in other countries and for turning their own people. Really, the modern man seems to have become a monster or a machine.


Sialkot, May 27.