LAHORE - PML-N leader Inamullah Niazi on Saturday said that Opposition Leader in National Assembly, Khurshid Shah has played a positive role in connection with the Panama leaks. He said that some political parties are trying to target Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif only. He said that many other people involved in corruption must also be brought to justice.

Inamullah Niazi, PTI’s Andleeb Abbas and PPP leader Barrister Amir Hassan participated in Waqt News programme ‘Insight’ that is hosted by Salim Bukhari.

Niazi said that PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto would take time to become a mature politician while Imran Khan has been working on someone’s agenda. He held the PTI chairman responsible for the delay in ToRs, as he wanted to derail the country’s democracy. He said that arrival of PAT chief Tahirul Qadri is also the part of a foreign agenda.

On the occasion, Andleeb Abbas said that her party wanted corruption to be uprooted from the country and the task could not be achieved if the accountability process was not started from the top.

Andleeb said that PM Nawaz Sharif should present himself for accountability as his family has been facing corruption charges. She said that the PTI would go to any extent to uproot corruption. She said that the government and its ministers are trying to divert attention from Sharif family’s corruption by levelling baseless allegations against Imran Khan of being foreign agent. She said that PM Nawaz Sharif is afraid of being exposed as far his corruption is concerned.

To a question, Barrister Amir Hassan said that his party never exploited the situation but has a clear stance as far as the issue of Panama leaks is concerned. He said that Asif Zardari faced trials in different courts but PM Nawaz Sharif has been hiding behind lame excuses.

“If you are clean, you need not to worry.”

To another question, Amir said that the PPP’s policy is similar to that of Bilawal. He said that Nawaz Sharif should get rid of Mir Jaffars within his party folders. He said there is a long list of the failures committed by the PML-N government during last three years. He said that the PM should not interlink himself with CPEC as the project is a symbol of national unity and would be completed even without Nawaz Sharif.