Faryal Hanif Goraya

Pakistan is one of those countries, which first recognised China on  May 21 1951

Prime Minister of China Chu-N-Lai, Prime Minister of Pakistan Ch. Muhammad Ali had a friendly dialogue on the occasion of Beundong Conference (City of  Indonesia) in 1955. Both leaders unanimously agreed to promote cooperation in different sectors.  After Beundong Conference, dialogue between the two countries continued at high level, which strengthened their relationship.

In October 1955, Prime Minister of Pakistan Hussain Shaheed Soharwardi paid an official visit to China and the same year in December, Prime Minister of China Chu-N-Lai paid an official visit to Pakistan. It was in the same year that both these premiers had more successful visits to each other countries, which further cemented the ties not only at the government level, but also between peoples of the two countries.

It is pertinent to mention here that in 1960’s, Pak-China relationship entered into a new era, when it turned into as high as Himalayas and as deep as ocean. History tells us that from socialist revolution up to these days, the China-Pak relations have more strengthened.  In 1970, former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali  Bhutto visited China.

At that time, China was isolated in the eyes of western countries. Pakistan gave it full political support and assisted her in getting out of its isolation. Pakistanis have always admired Chinese leaders like Mao-za-Tung and Chu-N-Lai, Chinese literature and political ideology is liked very much in Pakistan.

Today, China has become world’s economic might. Chinese constructed Karakoram Highway with the help and cooperation of Pakistan Army. Shahra-e-Resham is a world’s miracle. China also established Heavy Mechanical Complex at Taxila.

Not only that, China also assisted Pakistan in economic, military and technical spheres.

To strength the relationship between the two countries is a cornerstone of policy of China. Diplomatic relations were established in 1952, whereas cooperation between the armies of two countries started in 1956, while strategic alliance was entered into in 1972.

China has made economic cooperation with Pakistan at all levels. The country has already invested in Gwadar Port and expanded the infrastructure of China-Pak Economic Corridor .

Now, I would like to explain the China-Pak Economic Corridor .

On 20th April 2015, Chinese President Ze-Chang paid a two day official visit to Pakistan. He signed MOUs of $45 billion and agreements during the visit. China made 3379 billion dollar investment in energy sector to overcome the energy crisis and more than 12 billion dollars are taken as soft loan which are returnable in 15 to 20 years at minor nominal interest rate.

Two transmission lines, each 630 km from Mitari (Sindh) to Faisalabad and the other from Mitari to Lahore will be laid to enhance our electricity generation capacity.

The Pak-China Economic Corridor will provide job opportunities to more than 2.5 million people. The present government also made an agreement with Tajikistan, Kirghizstan: under the agreement Pakistan will get 1000 mega watts of. electricity

The corridor is a game changer in South Asia. Our trade will increase and economic activity will pick up fast.

Pakistan will become a self- reliant country in near future. Pakistan Army has also made a commitment to complete the corridor.