I was very proud of Iran when its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used to speak out for the Muslim World such as by supporting the Palestinian people against the atrocities of Israel. However, Iran never really supported Pakistan on her Kashmir cause, even though India pulled out of Iranian Gas pipeline project under American pressure. Nonetheless, Iran never threatened Pakistan or its interest in the region. But now Iran’s warning that it may attack “militant bases” in Balochistan is not appreciated and is condemnable. 

If any country has grievances, it should be Pakistan. Starting from Ozair Balouch to Kulbhosan Jadeev to supporting (or at least turning a blind eye to) India’s clandestine operations in Balochistan, Iran is playing against Pakistan strategic interests. Iran also wants to disrupt the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project which is very crucial for Pakistan. 

While it might be true that the perpetrators of this act of terrorism operated from the Pakistan, Pakistan had nothing to do with it, rather it condoned this act of violence. Similarly, General Raheel Shareef very categorically claimed that the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism will not be used against Iran; nonetheless Iran continued to view it with deep mistrust and apprehensions for no reason. 

I pray that Iran resolves such issues with talks rather than threatening and that the two countries can co-exist as Muslim neighbours rather than one country becoming a proxy for Indian hegemony. 

U. K. DAR,  

UK, May 10.