With all the means of technology people use lately, they are informed of most of the accidents and incidents which occur in this world, if not all of all of them. It is noticeable that the number of sexual harassment cases taking place is increasing rapidly, which gives a clear idea of the existence of many reasons, one of which is how people in authority are not taking this huge problem into account and are not trying to prevent it. Such actions have serious consequences and, so the world should rapidly work towards preventing these actions from happening and saving many young teens, in the best years of their lives, from being mentally or even physically destroyed. 

Sexual harassment occurs in the workplace due to unwelcome, unwanted, uninvited, action or behavior of a person that causes discomfort, humiliation, offence or distress to the other. Majority of such cases are directed towards woman by men working at high positions in the organisation. 

The action of assault or harassment is usually carried out by person, who is in a position of power. Harassers know they are doing something against the law or at least wrong and that’s why they work hard to keep it hidden. In order to do that they either have to hide their identity, or show it only when have the ability to keep the victims mouth shut. 

As per human nature people don’t do anything unless they want to, in other words, motivation is required for any action to take place. Although sexual harassment is not an accepted deed within any society, it still does happen rampantly. Harassers are people and they make mistakes, but there is always some motivation that pushes them towards such behaviour. The origins of such acts need to be highlighted for the issue to be resolved. 


Karachi, May 10.