TOBA TEK SINGH-Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi inaugurated 165 kilometre completed portion of Motorway-3 at Rajana and wooed the voters with various promises as part of his party’s electioneering.

The PM unveiled the plaques of two portions of M-3 and M-4 at Rajana. The Lahore-Abdul Hakeem section of Peshawar-Lahore-Karachi Motorway (M-3) consists of 230 km but as it is incomplete, the PM inaugurated only 165 km completed portion from Rajana to Sharqpur.

He announced to give status of town to Rajana and to upgrade to Tehsel Headquarters Hospital the Rural Health Centre of Rajana. He said that in upcoming general elections, the people would decide whether they have to vote for those who used abusive language or those who adopted gentle politics.

He said PML-N government fulfilled all its promises made before elections and will also fulfill all the promises which it will make with the people before the general elections 2018, if it again comes to power.

He said Toba Tek Singh had not a single village or locality without having gas facility as the government spent Rs50 billion on the gas projects in SNGPL zone areas during its five-year government.

He announced that a medical college would be built at Toba Tek Singh, if PML-N government came to power after winning upcoming 2018 general elections. He promised clean water facility would be provided to all the cities and villages of the Toba district. He said Toba was a unique district which had passage of two motorways. He also announced that a four lane road will be constructed to connect both the motorways.

A National Highway authority's official told reporters on the occasion that Sharqpur-Rajana portion of M-3 has been opened for traffic with immediate effect after its inauguration. However after the completion of an overhead bridge to cross over the M-2 motorway road (Lahore-Rawalpindi) and remaining work on M-3 from Rajana to Abdul Hakeem, the complete 230 km section of Lahore-Abdul Hakeem will also be opened for traffic, he said.

He added that traffic on Toba-Gojra section of M-4 has also been opened for traffic.

Before the arrival of the PM, scores of people who were present outside the inauguration function venue, broke the walkthrough gate and forcibly entered the venue. Two groups of PML-N continued scuffle in the venue even during PM's speech however later police arrested a few men from both the sides over which peace returned in the venue.