LAHOR-Pakistan’s former wushu champion Asif Butt has made an impact at international level by becoming one of the top 10 fitness trainers in the world.

Asif made history for himself as well as for the country when he was listed among the top 10 fitness trainers by an American online magazine TopTeny. The website sort out top 10 professionals in every field in the world and list them out in its website after thorough research, which found Asif as one of the best in business.

After saying adieu to wushu, Asif turned to fitness trainer and has for the last couple of years providing fitness training to people of all walks of life including celebrities, who wish to be in shape.

TopTeny said that Asif Butt offers personal training to customers at his gym, Sukh Chan Wellness Club in Lahore, to help them get the body of their dreams and improve their overall health and fitness. He develops and manages free workout and weight loss programme that is personalised. He also offers sport-specific programmes to help sporting professionals. He is expert at creating fitness programmes that are effective in helping people attain their fitness objectives.