Islamabad-The COMSATS faculty association urged the university administration to give a fair representation to teachers in the university senate, here on Monday.

In the beginning of the event the secretary General of ASC welcomed the presence of all faculty members and then he introduced the council members and office bearers which were later endorsed by all the general members. The Convener of ASC Dr Rabnawaz discussed about the need of ASA in CUI, flaws in COMSATS University bill, struggle of ASC and representation of faculty in senate and other governing forums.

The Convener highlighted the different issues faced by the faculty from time to time, particularly, incidents where the faculty was disrespected by the security personnel, termination of faculty, promotion issues, service structure, retirement plan, CP/GP funds anomalies, local administrative hurdles etc. It was promised that the establishment of ASC was neither against any body nor for favouring any individual. It is purely based over the best interest of faculty and the best interest of CUI. The faculty members agreed to call for senate elections as soon as possible by emphasizing that the agenda shouldn’t be discussed in the senate without elected representatives of faculty.

The faculty members showed serious concerns on the termination of faculty members and demanded a service extension until a proper procedure is not opted. The faculty members condemned the behaviour of a security officer with faculty member Dr Nazar Abbas. On May 28, 2018, the entry of one of faculty member Dr Asfaq Khosa had been restricted unlawfully in the campus premises.

His picture was posted on the main gate. A consensus resolution was passed to take serious action against culprits who disgraced the respected faculty members; otherwise the entire faculty would protest against such incidents.