LOS ANGELES-Hailey Baldwin wanted to be a doctor. The 21-year-old model insists she is a ‘full nerd’ and would have loved to go into the medical industry if she had a ‘’different life’’. She said: ‘’In a different life, I probably would have loved to be a doctor. I’m reading a book right now called Mindsight. It’s about meditation, finding ways to reduce anxiety and depression, the importance of human interaction and mind-mapping. It’s really interesting. Told you, full nerd.’’ However, Hailey confesses that she ‘’hated’’ school except for health and science classes because she struggled to focus. She added to The Sunday Times’ Style magazine: ‘’I hated school. I only liked health and science. I had a hard time focusing. I had really bad ADD and I think I still do. I have to be occupied. I respond well to having a schedule.’’