LAHORE - Former premier and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said everyone knows injustice has been done to their elected prime minister and the people will vote for his party in the July 25 polls to undo the unfairness meted out to him.

The masses, in order to change destiny of the nation and the country, will ensure respect to their elected prime minister, Nawaz said, while addressing a highly excited gathering of PML-N workers at Alhamra Hall held in connection with the 20th anniversary of Yaum-e-Takbeer yesterday. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, among others, also addressed the party workers, creating a great thrill at the event.

The former prime minster said it was highly painful that those who served the country, made the defence impregnable, ended loadshedding and terrorism and gave mega projects like CPEC and motorways are facing a highly unfair treatment to the extent of being called traitors while others (alluding to PTI Chairman Imran) have been held blue-eyed. “How have I become the biggest enemy at once and am being punished only because I made the country economically strong and its defence invincible?” he said, alluding to the establishment.

“My opponents are calling me a traitor. I ask them what will be their answer on the recently published book?,” the former premier said, referring to the book which former ISI DG Asad Durrani coauthored with the Indian spy agency RAW chief, giving startling revelations of their joint working.

Nawaz Sharif said credit goes to elected prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who initiated the atomic programme and another elected PM (himself) who conducted six atomic blasts in response to the five blasts of India in May 1998, rejecting the US offer of $ 5 billion. It was not achievement of any military dictator or martial law administrator, but that of the elected PMs who gave Pakistan nuclear capability.

He lamented that on the 20th anniversary of atomic explosions, he had appeared 75th time before the accountability court where he and his daughter stood in the dock for hours to record their statements. “What is their guilt?” he questioned and said he was disqualified only on Iqama and for not accepting salary from his son. He said had he ever intended to do corruption, he could have done it when US President Bill Clinton offered him $five billion for not conducting nuclear tests, but he always kept national interest ahead of everything. “The foreign heads telephoned me and offered me everything, but I told them that I cannot compromise on the national pride and dignity and conducted nuclear blasts,” he added. India which was using a highly threatening language against Pakistan after conducting nuclear tests became so humble after receiving a befitting response that the Indian PM himself travelled to Islamabad,” he said.

Nawaz Sharif said when India conducted atomic blasts, he was in Kazakhstan. “I made up my mind there and then to give a matching response to India. After the nuclear explosions, I told Bill Clinton that I am an elected president like you and cannot tolerate disrespect of my country. Clinton acknowledged my position and said to me that you played with the straight bat,” he said. “Later, Clinton became a good friend of mine and after Kargil episode he also acted positively towards Pakistan,” Nawaz Sharif said and added he could have acted like Pervez Musharraf who compromised on the interests of the country, but he remained firm.

The former prime minister said the PML-N government had ended loadhshedding. Referring to the past PPP government, he said the masses should them why they failed to overcome energy crisis and why Karachi was facing loadshedding and poor law and order situation.

He claimed had the development process started by his government in 1991 not been interrupted, Pakistan would have been a world economic power today. He vowed to resume the journey of development after PML-N came to power as a result of the July 2018 general elections.

Maryam Nawaz , speaking on the occasion, said the credit of making Pakistan a nuclear power cannot be taken away from Nawaz Sharif and the allegations levelled against him do not make any difference. Maryam said the PML-N workers and Nawaz Sharif have 30-year-old bonds of love, which is being shown in full bloom. The enthusiasm shown by the workers in Lahore will resound in Islamabad, she said, adding the people will tell their rivals that they love Nawaz Sharif and will vote only for those who stand by him.

Maryam said Nawaz Sharif had many options to escape the current situation, but he is fighting for the rights of the masses and for respect of their votes. She said the people will bury the politics of conspirators and turncoats in the upcoming elections.




I was punished for making country nuclear power: Nawaz