TOBA TEK SINGH-Two more persons of a group were murdered on Sunday night in another attack in Chak 520-GB as three members of the same group have been killed in the last three years.

Likewise, three persons from the attacker party has also been killed by the deceased perosns’ group in the same period.

Some three year ago, the enmity began between a Rajput family of Chak 295-JB Devi Das Pura and an Arain family of Chak 520-GB over the purchase of a piece of farmland. In 2015, the Arain family's men had murdered three men of Rajpoot family and to take revenge the other group had murdered three men of Arain family in 2016.

In Sunday night, two alleged killers belonging to Rajput family reached by a motorcycle at the outhouse of Arain family's Hafiz Muhammad Nadeem in Chak 520-GB. One of the attackers had worn a burqa and as soon as they entered the outhouse both started indiscriminate firing. As a result Hafiz Nadeem and another man died instantly while another person was critically wounded. He was rushed to DHQ Hospital.

The FIR was registered on the complaint of Naseem, brother of deceased Hafiz Nadeem. He said that deceased Hafiz Nadeem and his gunman Shahzad were present at a tea stall when Rana Khurram and his eight nominated and three unidentified accomplices attacked and fired indiscriminately. As a result they died on the spot.

DPO Mansoorul Haq Rana visited the place where both men were murdered and he directed Saddar police SHO to immediately arrest the accused.