LAHORE - Private security personnel accompanying former prime minister Nawaz Sharif thrashed a man when he tried to shake hands with the PML-N patron at Alhamra Hall No.1 on Monday.

Ayub, in his 50s, making his way through front rows of the gathering, went near Nawaz Sharif. Maryam Nawaz Sharif sitting on the stage beside her father shrunk in fear while Nawaz Sharif himself pulled his body back avoiding the hand shake. In this situation, security persons jumped in and pulled Ayub back and took him down the stage where scores of security persons pounded Ayub with slaps, boxes and kicks and gave him a very rough treatment. The scene stunned everyone in the hall.

The thrashing spate could go to a threatening level when party persons intervened and saved Ayub. They gave identification of Ayub to the leadership as a staunch lover of Nawaz Sharif who embarked on the stage only to meet his long cherished desire of handshake with his beloved leader.

The former prime minister, who had been exercising extra care after Jamia Naeemia shoe hurling incident, realized the mistake and called Ayub to himself. Khwaja Saad Rafique went down the stage and hugged the worker and brought him to Nawaz Sharif who also hugged and shacked hands with him. The jubilant League worker opened his arms and showed muscles to the audience as victorious.