LAHORE: Dr Mujahid Kamran, former vice chancellor of the Punjab University, has clarified a news story relating to him.

Dr Kamran says, “This refers to a news item in the Lahore section of daily The Nation that appeared on May 28, 2018. I have observed that for quite some time your reporter seems to regularly insert my name in a story in a manner as to defame me. A reporter must not only use precise language, but he or she must also possess updated information.  “In the story (p14, Lahore section) with the heading ‘HED to interview PU VC candidates’, he has mentioned my name and then added that the undersigned is ‘facing corruption and fake degree charges in anti-graft bodies’.

“The reporter is unaware that the so-called fake degree case has been disposed off by the chancellor/governor using his quasi-judicial powers. Mr. Malik M. Rafique Rajwana, a reputed lawyer himself, has declared the degree of Mr. Abdul Qadir Gilani as genuine and legal. The case was disposed off by the chancellor/governor on February 20, 2017. We are now at the end of May 2018. As for corruption charges, I have never committed an iota of corruption and there is not a single case of corruption against me. Corruption is defined as ‘abuse of power for personal gain’. Still, a couple of reporters in a couple of papers do not forget to mention baseless negative things against me.

“I would like to reveal explosive information about a former chief secretary of Punjab and a former DG of Anti-Corruption at appropriate time. In this country, and perhaps elsewhere too, honest men are framed by dishonest men for their own ends. “I do not wish to comment on the reasons why one of my successors had to resign. He has been mentioned in positive light by your reporter. The least the reporter could have done was to talk to Minister of HE Mr. Raza Ali Gillani as to the fact that the resignation had nothing to do with the land issue. The reporter should have been aware of the facts from the government side as well. There were serious matters in that case. I do hope that it is not the editorial policy of The Nation to defame me,” Dr Kamran concluded.